Come to Retromania to play Branson’s newest and best escape games. Totally awesome for the whole family! Coming soon!

Escape to the Future: Doc Brown has taken the time machine into the future, but he has forgotten one major thing, more fuel. To help the Doc you must break into his lab, which will not be easy because it is protected by many of the scientists best locks and traps. There are secrets to protect! Once you enter the lab a time lock will be activated, and you will only have 1 hour to get thru the puzzles before the lab completely shuts down. It will take all your wits to navigate his control panels, short circuit his door, and break into the plutonium vault so you can send Doc his ticket home.

Escape a Alien Encounter: You are stuck on a spaceship with aliens on the loose. The only hope you have for survival is to get to the main airlock , where you can escape to another part of the ship that is secure. Communications are down, the computer is on the fritz, and only your wits can help you escape. To make matters worse, the self-destruct sequence for the lab has been activated, and you only have 1 hour before the lab is obliterated.